E-commerce Case Study

Tracking and Analytics

This company already had a good analytics suite running on their site and store.  They were running a site off a popular CMS platform and had tracking installed on all their pages using Heap.  The company was also using many of the events based tracking options in the platofrm they were using for their online store.  

In this case, our work for tracking and conversions revolved around establishing baselines for conversions from their site and blog to their store and then from the store through the checkout process.  The major factors we focused on were the conversion rates from the site and the highest performing blog content to the store.  In the store we focused on the overall conversion rate as there had been little done to optimize the overall store experience or the checkout experience.

Landing Page Design and CRO

This company had done little to optimize their pages for conversions as they were primarily focused on creating quality content and working on their product.  In this case we created a completely new home page as well as a few variants of the new home page design to test against the original landing page.  These changes alone resulted in a drastically increased click through rate to our ecommerce store and our blog.

Email Marketing

This team already had done a large amount of work on their email marketing efforts.  They had been crafting original content for their email list at least once per week.  Therefore, they had a large and engaged list.  In order to improve their email marketing efforts further we introduced the use of email automations to give new subscribers a short sequence of emails presenting them with our highest quality content and introducing them to the features of the companies large and active communtiy.  We also used email as a tool to further build up the community by regularly running surveys for information about our products as well as suggestions for the company’s products and site.  Finally, we created campaigns to gather user generated content for promotional material and advertisements. Which increased our communities engagement and referrals.

Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising efforts focused on getting customers into our online store.  When we joined the company, less than 5% of total transactions were being conducted through their online store with the remaining transactions coming from Amazon.  We wanted to increase this percentage to ensure we had multiple functioning distribution channels for their product.  In order to drive traffic to the store we focused on converting blog traffic and boosting some of the highest converting content with paid advertising.  This strategy generally focused around boosting blog content that was relevant for audience members who were in a buyers “mode”.  Generally this meant content that focused on how our product could be used.

Partial List of Results

On this particular account we were able to achieve a 50% increase in conversion rates from the time a user entered our online store until they completed a transaction.  We were also able to increase the total sales transacted in our store relative to our sales on amazon by over 10% month over month.