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When we first started working with Aubrey his main goals were:

  1. Drive more podcast downloads
  2. Help increase applications for Fit For Service Mastermind
  3. Drive Sales for The Go For Your Win Course

Every Wednesday a new podcast was released so we treated each podcast launch similar to how we would treat a new product launch. One of the first things we wanted to do was establish a way to track performance metrics for these "Launches".

Aubrey's team was interested in tracking the amount of downloads per episode, so we looked as his download statistics to establish a baseline for the podcasts organic growth.

After looking through their downloads we decided to look at a number of on page statistics including visitors going from Aubrey's site over to the two major platforms his podcasts are hosted on (Spotify and iTunes).

After deciding on the main web statistics we were going to look at in conjunction with downloads we were able to track the "lift" paid traffic was producing.

To learn more about the type of tracking, analytics and campaigns we recommend for promoting podcasts and other media used for lead generation check out our blog.

For Aubrey's mastermind event, The Fit For Service (FFS) Mastermind (a higher ticket mastermind group) our goal was to drive applications to apply for the mastermind and ultimately 5 figure conversions.

This required targeting Aubrey's existing audience and providing them with information on the mastermind while finding new audiences that would likely be interested in this type of event.

While the majority of sign ups came from long time audience members, continuing to bring in new audience members that could turn into future applicants remained a focus through out the process.

During this time we drove over 400 applications leading to a full semester of mastermind participants.

Our last target was to help set up the paid media portion of the launch of Aubrey's Go For Your Win Course.

This is one of Aubrey's main courses that is used as a stand alone product and as a lower priced alternative for potential (FFS) Mastermind applicants.

The Go For Your Win Course has a similar focus to the FFS mastermind event without the live in person events or the larger price tag.

There were two pricing structures being that COVID had started. A $1 option to help people during COVID and a $97 option for those that could afford it.

Despite this special offer we profitably drove 3500 sales during the 6 weeks of the launch for this course.

This was a huge win for our team and a testament to the strength of the Aubrey Marcus brand and his team's ability to put together a highly desirable product offering.

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