How To Effectively Use Reviews For Facebook Ads

May 26, 2022
How To Effectively Use Reviews For Facebook Ads

Using Reviews on Your Advertising

When it comes to earning customer’s trust, showing credibility, and really winning customers over, reviews can make or break your ads.

Reviews have been a gold standard of advertising for a long time.

The reason being, it makes your prospective feel what other customers have experienced.

It’s the reason that you see people touting their features in different publications or car companies showing those annoying rewards they win on safety and etc.

Essentially, reviews lend you the credibility and give the trust of someone similar to your customer.

That trust and credibility should then lead to a conversion.

Finding the Right Reviews

While it may seem like any review will work… it won’t

Actually, the most important thing to do is find the review that speaks to your ideal customer and goes with that one first.

Some of the characteristics of a winning review:

  • Fast Shipping
  • It helped me do X (what your customer wants.)
  • My favorite company
  • The best ….

These all give only the upside without a downside (we’ve found a lot of people review, but leave something to indicate they wanted more, even though it is a 5-star review.)

Regardless, make sure to, always use your five-star reviews!

Highlighting the Review

Then comes the point of calling attention to a review.

We like to do this in a few ways.

If the review is longer, then it goes into the copy above an ad with some form of emoji to draw attention to what we want them to read.

On the other hand, a shorter review or a review with a quick and powerful soundbite can also do very well in the headline.

Here’s how the structure would look:
On the other hand, here are a couple other variations on ads that we’ve seen work that.

Audiences That Respond Best To A Review?

A lot of times people leave a page and then are hit with a win back remarketing campaign featuring some form of a coupon.

While this strategy can work, it often trains people to wait until you offer a steeper discount or a coupon.

One of the main reasons that people leave in the first place is that they don’t trust you or don’t think that what you have works as well as you say it does.

This is where a strategic review comes in.

This is a review that, gets rid of audience objections and allows them to feel what it is like to own your product.

Done right, this can be incredibly powerful for remarketing.

We often use short remarketing windows and contextual reviews to help get people over the “hump” of purchase indecision.

And then again to re-engage users who have not interacted with our brand for 7 days.

Instead of always needing to use a coupon to entice customers, try simply using a review.

Tying it All Together

Reviews are one of the easiest tools that you have at your disposal (granted you have reviews.)

Often advertisers try to write “creative” copy for their products but miss the copy that their customers have written for them.

When you start using reviews, it becomes a lot easier to get out more relevant and higher converting ads.

And, the profitability of campaigns can go from low to high incredibly quick.

If you are looking for help in getting started, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

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