A Simple Framework For Scaling A Facebook Ads Account to 6 Figures A Month

May 26, 2022
A Simple Framework For Scaling A Facebook Ads Account to 6 Figures A Month

How can you scale a facebook ads account from 0 to 6 figures a month in spend while maintaining profitability?

Using this simple framework you’ll be able to take your ad account and facebook ads skills to the next level.

A Disclaimer on Scaling Facebook Ads

Scaling facebook ads comes down to having multiple things right within a business:

  1. Creative production - (In a pinch you can use Design Pickle or Video Husky)
  2. An Offer That Sells
  3. Full Funnel Analytics
  4. A Pre-existing business that already works with organic traffic

In most cases, these 4 elements need to be in place before you can scale a businesses Facebook Ads account. 

While we have scaled businesses using stick photos and a hastily built out tracking/analytic implementation, it’s not recommended!

The Simple Way To Scale Scale Facebook Ads

Paid traffic is gasoline. Your current business is a fire with kindling ready to burn.

Before you attempt to scale, make sure you have inventory, customer support, and people ready to respond to comment on these ads.

These are typical bottlenecks that end up stopping scaling, hurting the Facebook Ads optimization algorithm, and disrupting business growth.

The Simple Account Structure For Scaling Facebook Ads

Often when taking over a new account or starting to scale, an advertiser has the tendency of immediately creating unnecessary complexity.

Here’s an example of a simple and easy to follow account that has only 2 campaigns spending money and seeing a 6 figure monthly spend.

Simplicity will always beat complexity.

You don’t need to make anything look fancy (though the next few screenshots will feature more complex accounts that were built up over time)

Our Baseline Account Structure For Scaling Usually Starts With These 2 Campaigns:

  • [Step 1] - Cold Traffic
  • This will house all lookalike audiences, interests, and cold traffic

  • [Step 4] - Remarketing
  • This contains all site visitors, people who’ve interacted with the Instagram or Facebook Page of the business, people who have added to cart, and etc.

Step 4 should be the immediate test as to whether your offer will convert (Since it’s running to people who have already shown interest in specific products).

If your warmest traffic does not convert, then you will have a hard time getting cold traffic to convert.

We typically start by setting up step 4, testing creatives with our current offers, and then duplicating the winning creatives to test our step 1 campaign.

For any new ads in a higher spend campaign ($100+/daily spend) we set up an automated rule to ensure that if the ad-spend reaches 3x our target CPA or $100 (Whichever is higher) without getting any conversions it automatically shuts off.

STOP → Build out these campaigns testing offers, creatives, and audiences before any more complexity.

For an ABO (ad set budget optimization) you’ll want to get your ad sets spending enough to elicit 50+ conversions a week for each ad-set being tested. For a CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) you’ll want 50 conversions per week at the campaign level.

As you start to scale these campaigns, you can start testing more audiences, different messaging and creatives and eventually splitting out into more campaigns (covered in the next section).

Sometimes, two campaigns is all you need to scale to 6 figures a month… And sometimes you need more complexity.

Recap: Start with 2 campaigns. One for cold traffic and one for remarketing.

Before You Proceed - Check Your Tracking

Did you really get 100 sales? Or is that a pixel firing 20 extra times because someone refreshed their checkout page accidentally?

You can’t head north if your compass isn’t accurate. 

The same goes with your tracking. Before you proceed, I’d make sure you check your tracking and get clear on your attribution model and window (if you need help reach out to us here.)

Reaching 4 Figures A Day on Facebook Ads

Maybe you have more than one digital program or you are an ecommerce store with 100s of products.

This is where we often need to build out a more complex account structure (heck, we didn’t even add in low intent or video view remarketing, steps 2 or 3, in the other example.)

Using the above example account structure, this e-commerce company scaled from about $30k/month in revenue to over $900k/month in less than 6 months. (Yes the increase in revenue was primarily driven by paid acquisition using Facebook Ads).


First tracking was verified. Then we determined attribution. Finally, we ensured that there was enough creative to scale the account.

Cre·a·tive → (Images & Videos)

The creative was crafted around exactly what our customers were looking for based on their reviews.

(This is something every single company should be doing. People like when companies quickly respond to their comments, concerns and feedback)

To reiterate, this point, before you scale you have:

  • An offer that converts
  • Enough creative to scale
  • Accurate tracking and attribution
  • Previous customer data (or at least a very clear understanding of your customer)

(AND) - Set up your remarketing audiences first.

Our Top 5 Remarketing Audiences for Facebook are always:

  • 5x Pageview - 30 Days
  • Engaged with IG - 21 Days
  • Engaged with FB - 21 Days
  • ATC - 30 Days

Feel free to combine these audiences into one ad set and title it “high leverage remarketing audience.”

You’ll be able to see some serious profit (and slight scale) out of this one audience.

This is your step 3 audience.

It is filled with hot traffic ready to buy.

Then we move to step 2. Here you are going to market towards people who have interacted with your account, but haven’t taken an action that would lead to a purchase.

These audiences look like:

  • Visited Website - 30 Days
  • Engaged with Page or Post FB/IG - 90 Days
  • Watched Video 25% - 30 Days
  • Interacted with Lead Form

We want to make sure that we are talking to these people like they are in the middle of the funnel. They still need to understand why they would buy from us.

Then we move to the audience which will have the majority of spend… Step 1

Scaling Cold Traffic Campaigns

There’s many “theories” that float around in the facebook sphere. Most of them are b.s. But we always like to test them to see.

When it comes to scaling cold traffic you want:

  • A winning offer
  • 5-10 winning creatives with page post ids
  • 5-10 winning audiences with 2+ million people
  • Time

In order to scale and optimize a campaign you will want to achieve at least 50 conversions per ad set.

I know I said this before, but the importance of this is in cold traffic.

At ATTN Labs, if a client is ready to spend money scaling, we like to set the daily budget at around 7x CPA. That way we can see around 50 conversions in the first week and the ad set/audience will optimize quickly.

If you’ve already tested and you have your 5-10 winning creatives, load up 3 in each ad-set.

(BONUS) - Having more than 1000 events on your pixel (purchase or the specific objective) will help all ad-sets find the right people faster.

We like to set up 3-5 ad sets with 3-5 winning creatives (specific to the desired product sale) in each one. 

These amount of winning creatives and audiences can usually maintain steady performance at spend levels up to $300-$1000/day.

If you are aiming for scale, ensuring you have the budget for at least 1 ad set to be 7-10x CPA will greatly increase your chances of scaling your winning ad sets.

This also provides the audience for Step 2, Step 3, and Ultimately Step 4 campaigns.

Step 4 - Upsells

If you are seeing leads/sales/conversions coming through your backend sales data (not just the facebook pixel) it’s time to retarget these people.

Take your current buyer for the last 180 days, create an ad set with them, and then market them a different product (or carousel of your other products) then they purchased.

People are very likely to rebuy if your experience is great and you have any products that go well with your front end offer.

These campaigns do between 2-10x ROAS most of the time.

Tying It All Together

Keeping things simple will let you win the facebook ads game.

Complexity never works.

Start slow with the 2 campaign ad account. Find and record the ads that are winners, the ads that are losers, the audiences that win, and the audiences that lose.

Then scale accordingly.

We’ve done this with $1,000,000s and by keeping it simple, staying objective, and using the data as your compass you will too.

If you’re looking for help or have questions, you can book a call here.

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