3 Ways to Make More Profitable E-Commerce Facebook Ads

November 4, 2018

Facebook advertising is one of the most profitable and easily accessible places to advertise today.

Right now, it will never be as cheap as it is today.

That’s why, with any of our clients, it's essential to set-up Facebook advertising properly and let the algorithm work for you (instead of taking your hard earned money.)

In this article, we are going to cover three ways to make your e-commerce facebook ads more profitable, with a better ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) while requiring less work.

1. Time Windows - Be Top Of Mind

This first tactic is for companies spending $30,000-$50,000 a month minimum.

The principles can apply to smaller stores, yet the time windows need to be moved around for this to make sense.

While Facebook contains so many booleans (exclusions and inclusions) that you could get lost in them, one of the simplest ways to increase profitability is to use specific time windows.

Based on your data, do your customers convert within 1 day? 3 Days? 7 Days? Alternatively, you may have a higher ticket product, and see conversions on a 30-60 day window?

You need to get your ads in front of people when they are thinking about you. If you don’t pay close attention to conversion windows this isn’t going to happen.

Often people will create a 30-day remarketing campaign, lump everyone together, and treat them the same.

This doesn’t always work!

For example, if your product is an impulse buy product, 30 days later that person is gone. On the other hand, a high ticket product may need 14 days to get to the center of your customer’s purchase window..

Thinking about remarketing this way can be powerful.

To date, some of our most profitable campaigns for products ranging from $20-$150 have been:

  • 1-Day viewed remarketing
  • 3-Day added to cart and viewed product remarketing
  • 7-Day added to cart and viewed product remarketing

We aren’t talking about 2 or 3 ROAS on these, but typically ranging anywhere from 6-12 ROAS for months on end.

These are low-touch and high-yield remarketing campaigns.

Get in front of your prospect while your products are top of mind.

2. Don’t Leave Gaps in Your Funnel

Most accounts that we find have a few things in common:

  • They’ve been spraying and praying cold traffic
  • They neglect various remarketing audiences
  • They only test 1 - 2 placements

Don’t be like these accounts.

When you buy cold traffic (anyone unfamiliar with your brand) you are in an interesting position.

You’ve just got someone to see your brand and start to associate with it. If you don’t reach those people again, and quickly, you’ll likely lose them due to their loss of interest in your message.

Conversely, if you make sure to reach them again within a short period, you’ll breed trust and familiarity.

The takeaway is that all your funnels should extend through your ads, from your cold traffic prospecting to your post purchase remarketing and engagement. .

You should know where all the people that interact with your ad are going and the actions they are likely to take when they get there.

3. Have A LOT of Creatives

Advertisers and business owners alike love to think they know what the best creatives or ideal style for a positive reaction of a customer is.

The opposite is usually true.

How often have you posted a photo of yourself to Instagram or Facebook and thought, “I don’t really like this photo,” but it takes off and does incredibly well?

That happens constantly in advertising and marketing.

We don’t know how people will respond until they respond, there are no ifs ands or buts about it.

Which means you need a lot of different styles and variations of creatives.

For instance, here are some formats to focus on:

  • Organic customer testimonial
  • Grainy home taken photo
  • Professional Lifestyle shot
  • With person/people
  • Without people

The list goes on and on, but the idea is to have more than you need and try to vary them until you start to see a pattern that works (have data to back that pattern up).

By testing these different creatives, you’ll begin to rid yourself of the bias that you know what is best for the customer and start to embark on the journey to more profitable e-commerce facebook ads.

What to do next?


Take time to test the following:

  1. Shortening or lengthening remarketing windows
  2. Try different creatives and copy styles
  3. Map out your Facebook Advertising funnel and identify gaps
  4. Get all of your creatives together and list all of the type shown above in step 3 that you are missing.  Go make them!

Do this, and you’ll be on your way to more profitable Facebook ads and better data to start understanding your customer.

If you don’t feel like testing, then leave it to us. Sign-up for a free 15-minute consultation by clicking the button below and we will see if we are a good fit.

Thanks for reading,